Ductile iron castings

Ductile iron castings
Ductile iron castings

We need to check whether nodular iron castings can be produced by sand casting process. Some may use wet sand, some may use resin sand, or shell mold casting, or automatic molding process. Wet sand is cheaper and shell casting is the most expensive. Relevant factors include dimensional tolerance, surface quality, structural complexity, annual demand, weight and dimension, etc. These factors will affect the cost of the blank casting. Of course, if these processes can not meet the requirements, then we will not be able to produce.
Confirm whether we can meet the processing requirements.
For the normal processing works, most of the cast iron plants with processing capacity will be able to process in-house. Otherwise, they will have to entrust other service-oriented processing workshops for processing. As the cooperation between foundry and processing workshop may cause more difficulties and delay delivery, it is not a good choice.
Because the quotation needs to consider the relevant processing equipment, working time and price, it is difficult to calculate the processing cost. In addition, the annual demand is also an important factor affecting the processing cost.
Consider other costs.
Other costs include packaging, surface treatment, painting, inland and sea freight, and, of course, exchange rates. These costs will be related to the specific needs of the customer.
After all that, you may not know how to calculate the casting cost. In fact, it is not simply to make an accurate quotation or price evaluation. There are many factors that affect the price.