Electric power fittings

Electric power fittings
Electric power fittings

There are two kinds of surface treatment for power fittings

1、 Pickling, pickling color and red copper primary color is basically the same, can play a beautiful, more conductive.

2、 Tinning: the surface of the tinned copper nose is silvery white, which can prevent oxidation and conduction, and prevent the non-specific diffusion of copper in the process of conduction.

Precautions for installation of power fittings:

1、 Be sure to tighten the screws.

2、 The cable and copper nose must be inserted in place and pressed with pliers.

The overall strength of the terminal block is good, the conductivity is strong, and the copper nose for power transmission and connection is the basic link. In the wiring of wire or cable connection or branching, there should be a wiring body, which completes the connection between cables by copper nose. When installing, insert the wire head of the wire or cable into the inner hole of the wire fixing sleeve, and screw the fixed wire head by the fastener. The connection is firm and good, the speed is suitable and safe.