Toothed disc

Toothed disc
Toothed disc

Installation of gear disc:
1. This series of machine does not need anchor screw positioning, it can be placed anywhere, but the foundation should be solid and flat.
2. During installation, there should be a distance of more than 1m between the tail and the side to facilitate the operation and maintenance and the introduction of water and electricity.
3. Power supply: the user should connect the corresponding power line according to the purchased model, and it is recommended to install the fuse on each line.
4. Motor turning: this series of machines rotate clockwise (people stand at the end of the machine and look at the cylinder). When the main motor is initially installed, it can be inched, and the turning direction should be consistent with the direction of the label.
5. Connect the cooling water pipe and add a stop valve in front of the water inlet to control the cooling water volume. Each user can purchase the hose with corresponding diameter and length in the market.
6. Connect the compressed air: the air pressure and air volume should be within the range of technical parameters.