Auto parts

Auto parts
Auto parts

Auto parts can be classified by end use:
(1) Engine parts: a total of 29, the main parts are piston, piston ring, cylinder gasket, gasket, valve, fuel pump, electronic control fuel injection pump, etc.
(2) Electrical and electronic devices: a total of 12, the main parts are starter, alternator, spark plug, engine control device, brake system electronic devices, electronic components and sensors.
(3) Lighting, instruments and other electrical and electronic devices: a total of 15, the main parts are headlamp, speedometer, wiper motor and other motors, various switches, steering locks, wiring harness, etc.
(4) Power transmission and control device parts: a total of 26, the main parts are clutch driven plate, manual transmission, automatic transmission, power steering device, constant velocity universal joint, transmission shaft, wheel (steel, light alloy), transmission control lever, etc.
(5) Suspension and brake parts: a total of 20. The main parts are leaf spring, shock absorber, brake device (brake drum, brake disc, brake assist device, brake hose, etc.).
(6) Body parts: a total of 19, the main parts are frame, fuel tank, window frame, door handle and lock, seat and seat spring, seat belt, etc.
(7) Accessories: a total of 9, the main parts are clock, tape recorder, air conditioning device, heating device, wheelhouse, repair paint, car stereo device, etc.